Yakult is a high quality probiotics in the form of a cultured milk drink. Yakult contains the probiotic bacteria "Lactobacillus casei Shirota" (popularly known as the "Shirota strain"). With over 30 billion live Shirota strain in each bottle, Yakult has among the highest concentrations of probiotics compared to other probiotic products on the market (most probiotic drinks and supplements claim to contain at most 1 to 10 billion live probiotic bacteria per serving or per capsule).

The Shirota strain is scientifically proven to be among the 'strongest' strains of beneficial bacteria, and has been shown to benefit human health.

In Japan, Yakult is acknowledged by the Japanese Ministry of Health as a "Food for Specified Health Usages" with approved health claim "The Lactobacillus casei Shirota strain reaches the intestines alive, so this product maintains good health by increasing beneficial bacteria, decreasing harmful bacteria and improving the intestinal environment".

Free of preservatives, colourings and stabilizers, Yakult is the right choice for those looking for high quality probiotics for good health.
Yakult Ace

 Yakult Ace cultured milk drink, is a premium version of the standard Yakult cultured milk drink available in other countries worldwide. Yakult Ace has a higher concentration of the beneficial bacteria Lactobacillus casei Shirota (3 times more!) and contains added nutrients: calcium, niacin and vitamins B6, B12 and D.
Yakult Ace Light

Our latest product, Yakult Ace Light cultured milk drink has the same high concentration of Shirota strain as Yakult Ace, 30 billion in each bottle, but with 50 percent less sugar and a lighter, less sweet taste.

Just like Yakult Ace, Yakult Ace Light is free of fat, cholesterol, colourings, preservatives, conditioners and stabilizers.
Food & Beverages product range

 Yakult beverages foster a healthy lifestyle. High quality ingredients go into the creation of functional food products for the health-conscious.
Cosmetics product range

 Yakult's cosmetics are created using biotechnology

Pharmaceuticals product range

 Yakult's pharmaceuticals bring significant contribution to the science of curative medicine.

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